BravoTrading Watchlist: 2022Q3

On the Thinkorswim trading platform, I manage several watchlists, differentiating them according to the instruments it contains. I named them Stocks, ETFs, Futures/Forex Indexes, and BravoTrading.

- The Stocks watchlist contains all the stocks I trade or followed during my years of trading, regardless of the results. It's generally one of the sources that feed the BravoTrading watchlist.

- The ETFs watchlist usually keeps the same symbols in time, diversified by sectors, industries, countries, commodities, and cryptos, both at 1X normal speed and 3X triple speed. For example: $ARKK, $DBC, $ETHE, $GLD, $IWM, $QQQ, $SPY, $TLT, $VXX$XLE$XLF$XLK, among many others. 

- Always in front of my ToS platform, the Futures/Forex Indexes watchlist is also fixed, covering the main Wall Street Futures (indexes, forex, bonds, and commodities), plus other major foreign exchanges, all usual symbols well-known by all traders. Although now I do not trade futures or forex (because I need full-time dedication for them), following this data in real-time is the way I use to follow and gauge the whole market on a daily basis.

- Those that do change, usually after a monthly rebalance, are the symbols of my BravoTrading watchlist: a relatively small list of stocks and ETFs that I currently follow due to my own research, that considers outstanding news, macro, technical analysis, earnings, favorites of my reliable traders, or simply mass popularity (meme stocks). Over time, it appears new stocks on this watchlist, disappear others, according to the importance they are acquiring, in my opinion. The Watchlist Updates section contains my current analysis of them, the selected.

Stock and ETFs Watchlist 2022Q3

- Update: Jul 5th, 13:41 EST
- Review the Disclaimer: that a certain stock appears in this list does NOT mean any BUY or SELL recommendation or any investment advice. There are just my ideas.

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