Watchlist Update: 2022Q3/Q4

On the Thinkorswim trading platform, I manage several watchlists, differentiating them according to the instruments it contains. I named them Stocks, ETFs, Futures/Forex Indexes, and BravoTrading.

- The Stocks watchlist contains all the stocks I trade or followed during my years of trading, regardless of the results. It's generally one of the sources that feed the BravoTrading watchlist.

- The ETFs watchlist usually keeps the same symbols in time, diversified by sectors, industries, countries, commodities, and cryptos, both at 1X normal speed and 3X triple speed. For example: $ARKK, $DBC, $ETHE, $GLD, $IWM, $QQQ, $SPY, $TLT, $VXX$XLE$XLF$XLK, among many others. 

- Always in front of my ToS platform, the Futures/Forex Indexes watchlist is also fixed, covering the main Wall Street Futures (indexes, forex, bonds, and commodities), plus other major foreign exchanges, all usual symbols well-known by all traders. Although now I do not trade futures or forex (because I need full-time dedication for them), following this data in real-time is the way I use to follow and gauge the whole market on a daily basis.

- Those that do change, usually after a month/quarterly rebalance, are the symbols of my BravoTrading watchlist: a relatively small list of stocks and ETFs that I currently follow due to my own research, that considers outstanding news, macro, technical analysis, earnings, favorites of my reliable traders, or simply mass popularity (meme stocks). As it isn`t a long portfolio, over time, it appears or disappears new stocks on this watchlist, according to the importance they are acquiring, in my opinion. 

Stock and ETFs Watchlist 2022Q3/Q4

- Update: Jul 5th, 13:41 EST
- Review the Disclaimer: that a certain stock appears in this list does NOT mean any BUY or SELL recommendation or any investment advice. There are just my ideas.

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